I   do   fashion   illustrations   for   retail   shops.   I   started   out   (just   before   the   Civil   War)   doing sketches   for   my   dad's   shops   on   Worth   Avenue   in   Palm   Beach   and   went   on   to   work   in New York for a very well-known evening gown manufacturer. I   have   designed   newspaper   advertising   and   event   postcard   mailings   for   several   fashion and   jewelry   retailers.   Sometimes,   the   fashion   illustrations   are   embellished   or   transformed from legally-licensed images, but most often, they are my own originals.  I   have   much   experience   with   real   estate   flyers   and   postcards   for   mailings,   since   I   have been an active, licensed Realtor® I   have   designed   print   ads,   mailers   and   a   website   for   professional   artists   including   Allison Lefcort. No relation. Just kidding! I    sell    little    paintings    of    children    and    have    used    them    as    the    basis    for    embroidery, needlework,   prints   and   gifts.   They   are   always   originals   and   can   be   personalized   as   baby gifts.  .
You will have a disc with your templates and information on it to keep. I can email or upload your files directly to your printer's server. Once your templates are designed, it's relatively easy to change the property information or photos without starting from scratch. Your look. Your listings. Your printed material. I offer you reasonable rates, quick turnaround times, reliability, availability, and patience. Promise.